Want to unlock the cheat codes for running your dream business in a way that feels oh, so good?

No, the answer isn’t some course that you’ll drop four-figures on and then immediately forget about. It’s not even joining my membership, The Nourished Product-preneur (though that helps).

I’m talkin’ stress free and intuitive business operations.

It’s Human Design.

It’s Human Design.

Human Design gives you insight into your soul’s code–how you were created, and how you are meant to exist in the world. It helps you understand your work style, your communication style, and the ways that ideas and opportunities come to you. Which are all crucial elements of running a successful business.

I know, you’re sick of all the hippie ish. But before you scroll away, hear me out:


You can have a successful business, doing exactly what you’ve always dreamed of doing, and still feel completely unaligned and unhappy with your life. Because there is a certain way that you are meant to be approaching the world in order to feel the most at peace.

I know, because it happened to me.

When I first started working for myself, I worked like a Manifesting Generator–constantly hustling, working long hours, trying to push creativity and opportunity where it didn’t belong. Which was completely wrong for me, because I’m a 5-1 Projector.

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If you don’t speak “Human Design” yet, don’t worry. You’ll be a master in no time. But for me, my design means that I’m supposed to take things slowly. I need to be discerning with where I direct my energy. I need time to think and recharge. I need to wait for opportunity to invite me in, instead of trying to create it myself.

Essentially, the exact opposite of how I was attempting to run my business and live my life. But when I figured it out, and started working with my Human Design instead of against it, everything clicked into place. I work 3 hours a day (something that people will tell you to NEVER do when you’re an entrepreneur). I wait for opportunities to come to me (and boy, do they find me). I follow my design, and because of that I’m living the life of my dreams.

That if you’re not following certain strategies, selling certain products, marketing yourself a certain way, or adhering to a certain workstyle then you’re doing it all wrong.

But you’re not wrong to run your business your way. You’re just following your Human Design.

As a mentor, I teach proven strategies and skills that will help you build the product business of your dreams. But I also encourage you to find your own path, break the rules, and live in accordance to your Human Design.

Because everything becomes so much better, and so much more abundant, when you do.


Start operating your business (and your life) the way you were designed to by learning your human design. Forget the woo woo stuff my friend, this is a MUST to have in your tool kit that will help you grow a biz that is in alignment with your soul.

Snag your free Human Design chart below, and if you are ready to start operating your business (and your life) the way you were designed to, scroll down to book your 3 day voxer coaching session!

Want to unlock the cheat codes for running your dream business in a way that feels oh, so good?



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