Wellness junkie, community-builder, Texas local (in case you couldn’t tell). I live in leggings, and live for that first sip of my matcha latte right after a barre class (too niche?). I started my brand, Sun Lovin’ Roots, in 2015 because I was sick and tired of spending a small fortune on cheaply made athleisure that would shrink up or fall apart after one wash. Since then, I’ve scaled it to a 7 figure brand, but not without the hiccups expected of pivoting from “passionate” to “full-blown boss.” With seven years in the books, the universe has prompted me to learn, grow, pivot, and roll with the punches. Now, I’m giving all of that know-how back to dreamin’ and schemin’ product-preneurs just like you.

A sun-lovin’, heart-led biz-preneur that lives in leggings & thrives in community.

Hey, y’all! 

Hey, y’all! I’m Stacie.

my name is stacie.

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My business started just like yours–with an idea and a dream. But, when I first started Sun Lovin’ Roots back in 2015, no one was sharing their “secrets” on growing a successful product-based biz. Because of that, I bootstrapped my way to the 7 figure brand that I have today. Think: self-taught, self-funded, and self-therapized for all the stress of doing it on my own. 

Now, I’m taking the reins and giving new, aspiring, and established product-preneurs the chance to gain the “insider” knowledge, build a community, access the resources they need to thrive, and nourish themselves alongside their business. Not only that, but I’m doing it in a way that is financially accessible and a ton of fun.

The road to entrepreneurship can be a lonely one, but it doesn’t have to be. When you join the Nourished Product-preneur fam, you have me and an entire group of dream-chasers (just like you!), cheering you on every step of the way.

I crawled so you can run.


Start operating your business (and your life) the way you were designed to by learning your human design. Forget the woo woo stuff my friend, this is a MUST to have in your tool kit that will help you grow a biz that is in alignment with your soul. 

Want to unlock the cheat codes for running your dream business in a way that feels oh, so good?


Pizza is always a good idea.

No Two Businesses Are Alike.

Dogs make life better. 

Community over competition. 

Leggings Are Pants.

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