SLR VIP 50% OFF Membership


One time enrollment of $99 unlocks the SLR VIP Membership for 50% OFF your clothing purchases for one full year (12 month term)

Become a SLR VIP today and take 50% off all your CLOTHING purchases for an entire year! No more waiting on big flash sales to scoop up your favorite designs and pieces. Your legging game just took a huge upgrade, since now you can shop all Frankie Leggings and their matching Beckham Bras for 50% off! 

50% off all your clothing purchases for one full year. 

Potential to earn free gifts on orders 

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For enrolling you will receive a welcome mystery gift in the mail!

After purchase of your SLR VIP Membership - you will receive an email that will allow you to login in and start shopping immediately.  One time enrollment of $99 for a 12 month registration term gives you 50% off for the entire year on all clothing purchases.  * some restrictions apply* ( excludes drinkware/accessories ( trucker hats)/be well club)

If you need custom gifts for your team, bachelorette parties, whatever, you will get 50% off these type of orders as well, when you meet the minimum ordering requirements! ( artwork creation is not included) 

Feel free to reach out to for any questions!